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Framing doesn’t have to be difficult…

I’ve got some easy and affordable ways for you to frame that new piece of original art on paper.

I always recommend a frame bigger that the piece itself and a mat. If you cannot find a standard frame/mat combo to fit, you can always mount the piece of art to the center of a piece of paper that fits the frame.

Having the classic white boarder of a mat gives a finished and professional look.

I love to pick up frames at Ikea, Target, Michaels and Amazon.

Square pieces:

6x6 original fits well in a 9x9 frame.

Or if you like the modern look of a wide white mat, pop it in a 12x12 frame.

12x12 prints fit well in a 16x16 frame with a mat or mounted in the center.

18x18 fit well in a 24x24 frame with a mat or mounted in the center.

Rectangle pieces:

Most rectangles fit easily in standard frames. Most of which can be purchased with an existing mat.

5x7 fit in an 8x10

8x10 fit in 11x14

11x14 in 16x20

For aditional framing question feel free to contact me HERE.

Happy framing!!!