Fall Art Classes

About Art Classes

I am excited to announce the line up of classes for the fall. 

I have poured a lot of time into my own art education and strongly value the tie between art history and technique. My curriculum is all about learning from the masters that went before us and applying their technique to our studies. We will cover artists from the ancient Egypt all the way up to modern day contemporary art. 

Techniques covered will range from gesture sketches to finished paintings. We will explore different media within those. 

For the older students, there will be a student led project that allows them to pursue an artist of their choice and that artist style.

I aim to encourage self expression and individuality through all of the exercises and want to encourage artistic thought and skill. I give a lot of one on one feedback and instruction during the class hour. 

Classes will be held in my in home studio in the Larchmont area of Norfolk. There is a 12 student limit per class. Minimum of 4 kids per class. 


Class Fee: $60 per month with a $25 supply fee due at the beginning of the semester. 

Class Schedule: 

2nd - 5th grade art: Daytime Class

          Thursdays 9-10am

2nd-5th grade art: Afternoon Class

          Mondays 4-5

6th grade and up: Daytime Class

        Thursdays 10:15-11:15

6th grade and up: Afternoon Class

          Thursdays 4-5

Private Lesson for all ages: contact to set up a time. $45 an hour. 

If you are interested in signing your child up for fall classes, please fill out the form below and tell me your child's name and age as well as the class you would like to sign them up for. I will contact you back with further details. 

If these class times do not work for you, please let me know and we can discuss other options. 

Thank you!!


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